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Hair Straightening Tips


Learning to embrace one's natural hair texture is a precious thing and which every woman is sometimes encouraged to let their kinky-curly fly. Sometimes, however, a girl just has to go sleek. As the saying says, a streamlined hairstyle results to a streamlined life doesn't make it?. I know that the statement above is up for debate. However, we got to agree on one thing though, a bone-straight, shiny hair makes one feel like a center fold, flower child having power player all at once. Can we deny this feeling?


There has to be a catch to achieving this right? One has to use a hair straightener which is very good. A good hair straightener is one that makes hair smooth while causing less damage and also works faster. Every woman looks for a salon quality, good flat iron. This article helps each one of them looking for this information to discover some of the top notch flat irons.


Ceramic Straightener

This type of flat iron is the 2016 TotalBeauty Awards winner, and it's loved because of its ability to straighten its hair faster in less than five minutes. The ceramic straightener also has a thermometer at the side, and the user can be able to hold it comfortably. It's price is also affordable and worth its bargain. Know about ceramic vs titanium flat irons here!


Rusk Engineering CTC Technology

The CTC Technology flat iron makes even the curliest, thick and damaged hair to feel smooth, silky and shiny. Those that own it exclaim that it is the best flat iron that they ever owned in ages. Purchase the best flat iron for coarse hair here!


GCD Platinum Styler

This kind of flat iron has a hefty price attached to it, but most of its users say its worth every coin. Moreover, t has some high points such as never snagging hair, heating up faster and making each strand of hair straightening. It also heats up consistently compared to other flat irons operating at high temperatures. You may read further about hair iron at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair_iron.


Titanium-Plated Straightening iron

Titanium plated flat iron can make frizzy, messy, kinky-hair straightens making it smooth and fabulous. Another feature that makes it great is the ability to adjust temperature settings according to the heat required.


Remington Anti-Frizz Therapy Straightener

This flat iron is hailed because of their capacity to be able to tame wild hair without damaging it. It also keeps frizzy hair sleek and straight for days. Additionally, it also has a protective heat shield which makes it work very well. Most of its users comment that it doesn't get better than that.